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Papercut: Printing from personal laptop to library printers
Tutorial Video - Paper Cut </p><p>Keywords: PaperCut, library, printing, copying, live, fall</p>
Web Module: Faculty - E-Mailing a class </p><p>Keywords: JICS, Web Module, Faculty, Email class, class list</p>
Student Payments by Proxy
Tutorial Video </p>
Tutorial Video - Parents Online Awards
Papercut: Adding money to Papercut account []
Papercut: Requesting a refund
Papercut: Requesting an Adjustment
Papercut - Adding money to account []
DESMOND MEDIA ROOM: DIRECTIONS FOR USING THE EQUIPMENT CAMERA IN CLASSROOM: URL: 1. Turn on the TV monitor: "Power" button is labeled on the bottom right side of the TV monitor frame. 2. Wait for _just_ the "Samsung" scre...
Student course/instructor evaulation demo
To Install. Make sure all the Windows Updates are in except for the Microsoft SQL updates. The exe files has them built in. First you are going to want to run the Display Studio setup file. It'll ask you to install SQL 2005 Express SP4 Nucleus Server. ...
This KB article is thanks to the university of Illinois at Chicago and can be found here [
You can now EDIT A PDF! Yes, I am shouting - this is great news to many offices. Just open a PDF and Word will convert it to a .docx that can be edited. Also, the location has changed to SAVE A DOCUMENT AS A PDF. It is not no longer in File / Save As. Lo...
See the full article at [] Accidents happen. When that sudden realization hits days later that y...
Attached is a quick start guide for the Student Activites PA system.
Summary Staff and Faculty have a private, secure space to share documents only with members of an office, committee, or group. Log into an MSMC administrative computer (not the student lab computers) and access your P: drive from the "Computer" icon on...
Go to [] Click "Transaction History" on the left side You may have to remove any applied filter at the top of the screen
Process for Installing the Intellitrack AD Import tool: Go to: [] Navigate to the e11132/ folder Download the fo...