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Holding down the MENU button for 12 seconds switches the LCD TVs to Store Demo mode. To turn off Store Demo mode you will need to press the Volume Up button (+) once and quickly hold the MENU button for 12 seconds. This will switch the LCD TV back to sta...
As of February 12, 2010, the following classrooms are equipped with a SMART Board: Aquinas Hall Rooms 53, 57, 62 Hudson Hall Rooms 03, 101
Aquinas 303 Classroom and technology tour
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Aquinas 305 tour of classroom and technology.

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Aquinas 311 classroom and technology tour: Keywords: AQU third projector computer class room smart DVD VCR
* Interactive Whiteboards at MSMC [] * * A. Intro to MSMC Whiteboards * * Interactive whiteboard overview - Epson and SMART Board [http://www.atomi...
Denise, We have moved the 3015 printer to the south side by the lab. I will leave instructions on the table for them to see on how to use it. As Alex said before the document must be in PDF format. I've also attached the document I will be placing up...
All, I have a created a Word Document that the students can go through to print to the Toshiba Swipe. If you need me in your class to help out, please let me know. Thanks, Ian Zavardino Systems Administrator IT Support Center Mount Saint Mary Co...