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IBM/Lenovo Computers: Student Repair Policy
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IBM/Lenovo Computers:
Student Repair Policy

The following article presents the Mount Saint Mary College student repair policy for IBM/Lenovo computers:

Student repairs are currently limited to service on IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad/ThinkCentre computers that fall under warranty. This includes hardware replacement parts and OS re-imaging.

  • NOTE: Virus Removal does NOT fall under Warranty Service.

Depending on the length of your warranty, the following may apply:

  1. If the laptop warranty is expired
    Unfortunately we are not able to service the laptop. The student will have to call IBM for service and support. The number is 1(800) 932-0465.


  1. If the warranty is valid, but will expire in less than one week
    The customer will need to call IBM for support and service to guarantee that their issue is resolved before the warranty expires.


  1. If the laptop is covered under warranty and the warranty extends greater than one week
    It can be dropped off at the helpdesk for service.

    NOTE: The repair can take up to 3 days to diagnose and up to an additional 7-10 days to complete the repair.

IBM/Lenovo categorizes their parts in two manners; Field Replaceable Units (FRU) and Customer Replaceable units (CRU).

  • Any CRU must be repaired in-house by one of our technicians as IBM does not allow sending in the laptop for CRU replacements.
  • FRU’s however, can be sent in for service.

Repairs to be done in-house:

  • Hard Drive Replacement/Hard Drive Re-Image
  • Memory Replacement
  • Fan Replacement (Depending on model)
  • Palm-Rest Replacement/Keyboard Replacement/Keyboard Bezel Replacement

Repairs that are shipped out:

  • Structure Frame replacement
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • CPU replacement
  • Any LCD Repair (Structure Frame, Screen, Inverter, Ribbon Cable, Back Cover, Bezel, hinges, etc.)

If you have any further questions or need further assistance please call the IT Help Desk at (845) 569-3491 or ext. 3491 from an on-campus phone.


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