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Posted by Rush, Dennis on 04 November 2010 01:30 AM

In order to provide quality service, we rely on the requester to provide 2 things for us:

  • Adequate notice of an event
  • Specific details regarding what will be needed at the event

We have developed the following guidelines in order to help define adequate notification.

At least 3 Business Days:  notice for simple requests - under 30 people (classroom size) with minor to no equipment needed.

At least 5 Business Days:  notice for minor events after scheduled to begin after 5:00 on Friday through Sunday (weekend) OR events that begin after or before our normal hours of operation.

At least 10 Business Days:  notice for any large scale event during regular hours operation involving 50+ people or more OR with: multiple locations, and/or equipment heavy requests.

At least 3 weeks:  notice for any large scale event  After our regular hours operation ( nights and weekends)  involving  50+ people or more  OR with: multiple locations,  and/or equipment heavy requests.

PLEASE, even if you feel that your support needs are minimal or nonexistent for your event, please contact IT regarding the event. Many of our last minute emergencies are the result of a sudden realization that there is a sound, projection or connectivity need that would have been recognized early by our technicians.

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