Setting up WatchGuard VPN and Metasys
Posted by Yang, Jeffrey on 25 March 2022 02:29 PM

For several Facilities end-users (Doug Smith, Joseph Cotter, Kevin Koch) their machines will require the following software


WatchGuard 12.7.2 (or the latest version from their website)



A specific version of JAVA (DO NOT UPDATE) for WatchGuard
\\\Installs\Packages\Java\Java7u21_For WatchGuard


A no-longer-supported Silverlight 5 that you can’t find online anymore…

\\\Installs\Packages\Silverlight 5


.NET 3.5 Framework

The Metasys/Johnson Control App



When signing in to the WatchGuard VPN, use the following IP:

Server IP:

Username: end users have their own credentials. There’s a generic one like “msmcfaci” that Kevin uses. Doug has his own “smith” account.

Once connected, run the Metasys App

You will need to add a new connection. Use the IP:


For Doug, there are a few more IPs to connect to. We’ve found that IE was the browser of choice for the hyperlinks

Kaplan HVAC

Hudson BMS shortcut

Metasys / Johnsons Control shortcut - this requires the Metasys Launcher and Silverlight 5!


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