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My.MSMC E-Mail Settings for Mobile Devices - for students and adjuncts

With G-Mail in place, students and adjuncts are able to forward their address to an existing email (for example, a personal GMail, Hotmail, etc.) to gain access to your Mount E-Mail on your phone.  


To forward your mail use the following instructions:

1. Create a Gmail account similar to your Login name for MSMC or use a current g-mail account that you own.

a. Example ->

2.  Add the g-mail account to your phone. (skip this step if you have a g-mail account already that you wish to use on your phone.

3. Once created, go to and login to your account and go to your e-mail

a. At the top right you should see a wheel next to your e-mail address.

b. Click on the wheel, and go to Mail settings.

c. Click the “Fowarding  and POP/IMAP Settings.”

d. Click on Add Forwarding address.

e. Enter the new e-mail address you have created. It will send a verification e-mail to the e-mail address you just entered.

f. Check your phone for the e-mail, it will have sent a 7 digit code for you to enter.

g. Enter the verification code and click on verify.

4. Now log out of your MSMC account, go to g-mail and open your new g-mail account that you have created in step 1.

a. Click on the wheel again in the top-right hand corner and click Mail Settings.

b. Click on the Accounts tab.

c. Where it says Send mail as: Click on “Add another e-mail address you own.” Put in your MSMC email and hit Next.

d. Click Next  again, then Click the send verification button.

e. Then check your phone, your MSMC account should have forwarded you the new e-mail with another verification number. It will ask you to put a verification code in the blank box in the window.

f. Put that verification number in and click verify.

g. Once verified, make sure  “Reply from the same address the message was sent to” is checked.

So now in summary what we have done was, we created a new g-mail account (or used a current g-mail account) that your MSMC e-mail can be forwarded to. If you receive an e-mail from a teacher for example, It will get forwarded to your g-mail account. We set it up so you can reply from that g-mail account, and it’ll bounce back through your MSMC email to your teacher, so it would look like you sent it from your MSMC email. If you have trouble or any questions please call the IT support center at 569-3491


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