Running MS Access Queries with Jenzabar
Posted by Yang, Jeffrey on 08 April 2021 03:16 PM

Institutional Research run queries in Microsoft Access that require a connection with Jenzabar's server. After Jenzabar was moved to the cloud, the setup for this in ODBC has changed slightly.

Following the attached image (Access_Jenz_Queries_Config.png) should resolve the connection issue.

** NOTE **

> If the "Jenzabar EX" entry under the "User DSN" tab does not exist, you will need to "Add" it. Otherwise, highlight the entry and click on "Configure"

> For the 3rd image, if there is another field under the radio button "With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user." - leave the extra fields blank

> For the 4th image, the "Application Intent" and "Multi-subnet failover" options may not be present. Just go next.

> If the test at the last step is successful, have the end-user test a query "NSC Courses" found in the "Utility" DB. See attached image (Access_Jenz_Queries_Test.png)

 access_jenz_queries_config.png (127.21 KB)
 access_jenz_queries_test.png (425.48 KB)
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