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Posted by Yang, Jeffrey on 22 December 2020 02:59 PM

If a machine has an older version of Sierra on it, you will need to uninstall Sierra first

- Path to C:\Sierra Desktop App\_Sierra Desktop App_installation\Uninstall Sierra Desktop App.exe”

- Right-click the uninstall exe > Properties > Compatibility > Run in Win 7 mode > Apply > Okay

- Run the uninstaller

** NOTE ** If you don’t run in compatibility mode the uninstaller will hang on the part where it tries to remove registry entries


Installing the new Sierra

- Visit

- Download “Windows SFX (63.4M)”. This is the 32-bit version

- Right-click the downloaded file > Properties > Compatibility > Run in Win 7 mode > Apply > Okay

- Run the installer as an Admin

- Click on “run anyway” if Windows Defender SmartScreen gets in the way

- Continue to click Next. There shouldn’t be anything you need to do. The Sierra Server ( is automatically plugged in for you. If you get a different server like, “”, then this is not the right installer.

- Open the Sierra app when done > have end-user sign in with their Sierra credentials

- Allow the internet connection for Java


** NOTE ** If nothing happens after running the Sierra app, and in Task Manager you see the process there (may be sitting at 0% CPU usage) then the issue is tied to the laptop's public IP not in Sierra's system.

- Have the user visit

- Have the user provide their public IP to Denise so she can reach out to Sierra



--- Express Lane Self Checkout


"C:\Sierra Desktop App\iiirunner.exe" program=milmyselfcheck


\\\installs\packages\library software

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