MSMC Secure 2020 Instructions
Posted by Yang, Jeffrey on 22 August 2020 10:45 AM

Attached are PDFs for getting on MSMC Secure


> 1 for Android (which works the same for Chromebooks)

> 1 for iOS

> 1 for Windows 10 (the biggest troublemaker right now..)

>> 1 other method for Windows 10 that requires more steps but it can be an alternative. The other issue is that if a user changes their password they need to update their password and that requires going through the steps.

> 1 for MAC OSX


** EDIT **

I changed the instructions for iPhones and Androids as the updated operating systems now include (and automatically turn on) "randomized MAC address". This has been giving many students an issue where they are initially connected but then find themselves disconnected later on.

Please use Android V2 and iPhone V2

 msmc secure - windows 10.pdf (681.69 KB)
 msmc secure - windows 8 or earlier.pdf (190.47 KB)
 connect to msmc secure - windows 10 v2.pdf (369.39 KB)
 connect to msmc secure - macbooks.pdf (423.89 KB)
 connect to msmc secure - android phone v2.pdf (248.26 KB)
 connect to msmc secure - iphones v2.pdf (282.98 KB)
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