How to use Bamboo (CTH-470) Tablet
Posted by O'Hanlon, Derek on 29 July 2020 04:04 PM

How to use Bamboo (CTH-470) tablet


1. Connect the device to your machine via the included USB cable

2. Download the requisite driver from landesk (\\\Installs\drivers\Bamboo (CTH-470)) or from the manufacturer's website (

3. Run the driver instilation software while the tablet is connected to your machine

4. Close out of the driver instiation software upon completion, and then restart your machine


At this point you should then have full device functionality. Outside of drawing applications, like Paint and the whiteboard in ZOOM, the styus can server as a mouse substitute, wherein you press down on the tablet to simulate a click.


Note: The tablet can be a bit finicky in regards to a multiple monitor setup, wherein one side of the tablet is paired to one of the displays. 


For further information regarding the more advanced functions of the tablet, please consult the attached manual. 

 bamboo-capture-users-manual.pdf (6.54 MB)
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