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Meru Wireless Access Point Troubleshooting
Posted by Greeney, John on 29 July 2020 10:11 AM

-Access points are at their core in-efficient ethernet hubs that tend to have collisions.  The number of supported connections in the Meru documentation is meanless.  What matters is the number of stations attempting to move data at the same time.  Example:

Posted on: 04 March 2020 01:17 PM
Anthony Scardillo reported the other day that His 33 students were experiencing issues in Hudson 002 while connecting wireless for an e-class quiz. I first wanted to determine if it was e-class slowness, or connectivity issues in the room itself. When I first got there, I rebooted the AP, and found I could connect without issue. Channel plan was good as well, with decent signal. Once the student's came into class however, I experienced "stuttering" I could move some packets, then everything would hang a bit. Move some more, hang some more. This is consistent with the symptoms reported. There were 33 Devices connected to the 5ghz wireless radio of the AP in the room. Since only one device can talk on a radio at a time, we believe that collisions were happening in the AP, due to the device count.

Between this and the larger "testing rooms" issues, we have found that it is ideal to keep the number of stations per AP to under 20 for online quiz performances.  20-25 is OK, but over 25 can be problematic.  THis number is not set in stone, and subject to change pending further testing.   

~Greeney 7/29/2020


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