MSMC Announce vs Announce
Posted by O'Hanlon, Derek on 22 April 2020 10:45 AM

MSMC Announce vs Announce


MSMC Annouce (

  • The purpose of this listserv is to communicate important college information that affects a majority, if not all, MSMC employees
    • Examples of important communications include but are not limited to subjects such as security and safety notifications; service outages; office closings; organizational changes; policy changes; information about campus events; professional development opportunities; anything that affects someone’s ability to do work; messages from the President or HR 
  • MSMC Announcements should possess at least one of two qualities:
    • In that it is important to a significant number of MSMC employees, and/or that it pertains to MSMC business and operations
  • This listserv includes all employees and cannout be unsubscribed from
  • The College will not post any communications that is not in compliance or that it deems inappropriate. VPs are ultimately responsible for MSMC announcements originating from their respective areas
  • This listserv does not allow replying to the entire group. Employees wishing to reply may do so by sending an email to the sender using the sender’s MSMC email account


Announce (

  • The purpose of this listserv is to communicate information to the student population (Please note that it also goes out to adjuncts, as they have an email)
  • This information is typically general information, such as club elections, upcoming student run events, etc.
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