How to Install and Use ZOOM
Posted by O'Hanlon, Derek on 11 March 2020 03:20 PM

Instructions for Zoom


Request a ZOOM Liscence

Email  requesting a ZOOM liscence

Downloading ZOOM

Go to search bar on browser

Type in

You will see Zoom Client for Meetings hit: Download

It will download a zoominstaller.exe (It can be found in your downloads folder or at the bottom of your browser screen if you are using Chrome)

Once you run it, the application will automatically open up, and you will be greeted with a page that will display the following: Zoom Cloud Meetings, with options to Join a Meeting or Sign In located below it.

NOTE: (Once you’ve run the installer, ZOOM is now on your computer and can be searched by typing ZOOM into your OS's search function.)

Login to ZOOM 

Click on Sign In

You will then find yourself on the login page of the ZOOM application

On the left side of your screen, there will be a sign in, with an option to input your email and password. You should input your email that you recieved the activation link on, along with the password that you have set for your ZOOM account.

Once ZOOM opens you will be at the ZOOM Home tab

Scheduling a ZOOM Meeting

On the top of the screen, you will see four options: Home, Chat, Meetings, and Contacts

First you should click on Schedule which will then bring up the Schedule Meeting page

In the Topic area, enter the name of your course or whatever you wish to entitle this meeting, if it is a meeting

Ignore the Start and Duration options, and instead check the box that says Recuring meeting

For the Meeting ID, select the Personal Meeting ID option

For the Password section, a password is not required, as someone would only be able to rexieve the invite link from you

For the Video options, feel free to set them as you please. Same goes for the Audio options

NOTE: You can toggle your audio and video on and off during the meeting itself. As the host, you may also do the same to your participants

For Calendar, select the one that pertains to the email you signed in with (Outlook for and Gmail for

In the Advanced Options setting, only select the Enable join before host, although you can enable Enable waiting room if you so desire, this would merely require the extra step of admitting participants upon the start of the meeting (You can enable addmitance of all participants at once through Admit All)

Press Schedule, at which point an email will be generated from your callendar, with a link that you can send to all your students

NOTE: If you are using it through Gmail, you will be prompted to enable Google Callendars, which you should

Alternatively, you can copy the contents of the auto generated message, and send it out through your desired medium

NOTE: This link that you can send to them is persistent, in that you can continously resuse it. Therefore, there is no need to schedule multiple meetings for each class, when one can simply keep having their students use the same link. Keep in mind, that after the meeting limit has ended (40 minutes) simply restart it via the Start button under the Meetings tab

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