Taking Attendance in TurningPoint
Posted by O'Hanlon, Derek on 04 February 2020 11:20 AM

Taking Attendance in TurningPoint


  1. Open Anywhere Polling.
  2. From the Anywhere Polling showbar, click the Quick Poll Menu and select Attendance.
    Note: The Attendance feature is only available when polling is closed.
  3. The Attendance Poll window appears, then instruct the participants to press any number on their clicker or TurningPoint App device.
  4. Click Present to display the names or Device IDs of participants in attendance. Alternatively, click Absent to display the names of participants who are not in attendance.
  5. When you are finished taking attendance, click Close Polling.


Exporting Attendance 


  1. Click on the Manage tab in the upper left of the main scrren.
  2. It will then display a list of different reports pertaining to your courses.
  3. Click on the report that you wish to export and select View Report.
  4. The report will open up, and from there you can hit Export and the file will be exported in whatever format you so choose.



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