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Enabling Flash in Google Chrome
Posted by O'Hanlon, Derek on 30 January 2020 07:28 PM

Enabling Flash in Google Chrome

Step 1: Enter chrome://settings/content into the address bar and press enter.

Step 2: Towards the bottom of the Content Settings menu, under JavaScript, you will locate the Flash tab. Select it.

Step 3: Turn off Block sites from running Flash. Once you turn off the Block sites from Running Flash button, you’ll notice the feature is now set to Ask first.

Now when you reload the page, you will be prompted to run Flash.

Note: If you are not being prompted to enable Flash, then you must also enable Pop-ups and redirects. In order to do so, follow the steps above, but click on Pop-ups and redirects instead of Flash (It is the the second item below it in the Content Settings menu.) )

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