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Posted by Greeney, John on 21 January 2020 04:39 PM

-Desi Labels slide out, you do NOT need to pull the clear plastic shield off. 

###2- clear all command.

Pick up handset of the phone experiencing this issues and dial ###2.  Clears all forwarding and Do Not Disturb.  You may need to press one of the keys to confirm clearing all features.  Before clearing if you pick up the handset,k you will hear a de de de deeeeee tone, before the ususal dial tone.  After clearing, you will just hear the dial tone.  

#319 - clear headset mode

Typical symptom includes: display is normal, key presses beep, but there is no dial tone on the handset, and it will not go into speaker mode. 

step 1: reboot the phone by pulling the ethernet cable.

step 2: dial #319, and confirm all is working. 


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