Setting up TickeTrak Parking Software w/Cardinal Tracking
Posted by Yang, Jeffrey on 26 September 2019 01:48 PM

**The installation, and running of the program comes from Security's P: drive

> goto "Safety and Security" folder

>> goto "ttrackw" folder

>>> goto "installs" folder

>>>> run the "setup" file

>>>>> There may be an error that reads "Error! Unable to load PINpadDevice.dll" - ignore this and click ok to continue

>>>>>> An icon for TT should pop up on the desktop

**Because the version of TickeTrak is old, we will also need to have the .NET 3.5 Framework installed. However, this cannot be done manually through the web. We need someone from Systems to send this down through PDQ Deploy.

>>>>>>> Open up the TTRACKW icon

>>>>>>>> To configure the server information, please hit "ctrl + d" on the keyboard to reveal the server info fields 

>>>>>>>>> enter "" in the first field

>>>>>>>>>> enter "cti_global" in the second field

>>>>>>>>>>> select the "use SQL" radio button below

>>>>>>>>>>>> check version number, though this may not play an part. At the time of creating this KB article (9/26/2019) TT was on v9.5.23


Have someone with TT credentials to sign in (Algarin is one of them)



** NOTE **

In the event there is something wrong with the software and we need to contact TickeTrak, below is their information provided to us by Rich Algarin

1825 Lakeway Drive, Suite 100,
Lewisville, Texas 75057
800-285-3833 Suite 100,

Cardinal Traking
Ask for Mark Spencer

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