Hudson turf soccer field connections
Posted by Greeney, John on 29 August 2019 04:46 PM

Last updated 9/27/2019

The Turf Field has two fiber drops, on the East (Hudson)(g3/1/4) and West (Powell) side of the field(g1/1/4).  Each drop has its own Fiber to Cat6 media converter.  There is one RJ45 port for Cat6 cable on each media converter.    Both are spliced into a single Fiber cable which goes into the Wirling closet in the basement of Hudson Hall. 

The Fiber ports are labeled east and west in the basement.  

At the time of writing,

East side is has a trunk feed with a small netgear switch, .100 attached.  It has ports for both Fasnet(laptop) and Academic(boxcaster)

West side has a single feed off the media converter, and that is *solely* for the box caster, and is programmed on the academic VLAN, 4



1. Obtain 7/16ths wrench/nut driver and Athletics combo. 

2.  Open door, and plug one end of ethernet cable into the RJ45 port of the media converter. 

3.  Plug other end into an Admin laptop (wireless on laptop should be turned off).  You'll know it's working if you get either a 208.138.48.x or 49.x IP address. 

4.  When done, make sure the box is both locked and screwed shut to prevent weather from getting inside.  




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