Install IntelliTrack Stratus ADImport Tool
Posted by Spano, Tony on 08 August 2017 03:26 PM

Everything is on the FTP site at :



1)      Delete the IntelliTrack\ADImport folder on you PC.

2)      Install the ADImport.exe setup file on the FTP site. This will install the export part of your project.

3)      Install the Setup.exe, which is the ADImport or the import part of the project. This will import all record created by the ADExport process. Be sure to copy both the Setup.exe and Setup.msu files.


Make sure you have pull control (permissions) on the Program Files (x86)\IntelliTrack\ADImport folder, if you do not the export process will not be able to create the export file called ADExport.TXT.


There will be two ADImport shortcuts you can use to launch the process. One in your stat menu and one on your desktop. Double click to start then login with your Stratus credentials, then click on the Import Assignees button, You will get a completion message after the entire process finishes. It may take some time to insert all 40000 assignees.

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