Outlook Hangs on Certain Emails (Contacting \\servername\....)
Posted by Wilamowski, Joshua on 26 August 2016 01:28 PM

Symptom: User is browsing through email fine.  When they try to open a certain email it hangs trying to contact a network drive.

It is just that email that is problem.  Outlook is most likely working fine.


This is a bug in Outlook. When an image points to a non-existing network share* (instead of a web server), Outlook’s “Internet picture blocking” functionality doesn’t kick in and Outlook still tries to retrieve the content in a foreground thread, which causes it to stall for about 1 minute.

*While the URLs that begin with // are simply protocol relative URLs, some email clients (Outlook especially, as usual) won’t try to use HTTP or HTTPS as the protocol. Instead they’ll use the file:// protocol and assume the resource you’re referring to is on the local machine (hence Outlook thinking it is a non-existing network share).



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