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Citations and References for MAC
Posted by Zavardino, Ian on 29 January 2016 10:44 AM

In Office 2011 and 2016, by default, do not have these References. They will need to be installed manually.
Make sure Word is closed when doing this.


Download reference styles (BibWord)
1.First we need to download the reference styles from BibWord (
Download the from their website
2.Extract files from zip
Unzip the files from the, you now see multiple files in the folder (these are the reference styles).
3.Install the reference styles
Please close Microsoft word completely before continuing.
4.Go to the microsoft word folder in Finder
In Finder: Applications → Microsoft office 2011 → Microsoft Word
5.Show Package Contents
Right click on Microsoft Word and click Show Package content
Copy reference styles from zip
Copy the reference styles from the unzipped zip file to Content → Resources → Style

For ISO-690

I believe you can not get that in Office 2011 for MAC.

The School does provide Office to you if you can come down the Support Center we can get you situated with the newest version of Office for MAC which is 2016.

Word 2016 for MAC does support ISO-690 as its built in.

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