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Posted by Ricci, Aaron on 23 March 2015 03:02 PM

To put a computer on the MSMC Private network follow the instructions below.


**Be sure that the computer is connected to any internet **


1) Navigate to landesk95/installs/packages/_OpenVPN setup/Windows 802.1x Wireless/Automated-Private-Import.bat

2) Run as an administrator 

3) It'll Add MSMC Private Profile, Disconnect from from Wi-Fi, and make MSMC Private Priority to connect. 

4) It'll finish it on its own and close out the cmd prompt.

5)  On, leave it registered and Violate it  with "MSMC_Owned_on_unsecured_wireless" ( This can be done even before Step 1)

4b)  Register node on Onramp45 and set to MSMC Owned.  (( This can be done even before Step 1))



(mac instructions here  )


**If this is a science laptop, you will need to manually remove the "Science" wireless profile from the macine (contact JNic with questions)**


**These instructions will not work if you are logged into any local profile**

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