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Posted by Ricci, Aaron on 23 March 2015 03:02 PM

To put a computer on the MSMC Private network follow the instructions below.


**Be sure that the computer is connected to any internet via Wifi, and disconnected from any ethernet connection**


1) Navigate to landesk95/installs/packages/_OpenVPN setup/Windows 802.1x Wireless/Automated-Private-Import.bat

and copy this to the desktop

2) Run as an administrator (it will check and stop you if you didn't)

3) There will be a prompt to remind you to run as admin and connect to Wifi. Simply press "Enter"

4) The next stop will say to wait for Networks. You will need to contact John Nicoletti (or any member of NOC) and tell them which computer you are adding.

4a.  unregister node on public, and violate out with "msmc owned on unsecure wireless"

4b.  Register node on private.  

4c.  As of 5/14/2019, make sure there is an entry in the Linux DNS table, and rebuild the dhcp on "Dhcp.56"

5) When you get the "Go-Ahead" from them, press "Enter"

6) The computer will clean itself up and close the window


(mac instructions here  )


**If this is a science laptop, you will need to manually remove the "Science" wireless profile from the macine (contact JNic with questions)**


**These instructions will not work if you are logged into any profile without a OpenVPN cert (i.e update, admin, etc)**

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