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Illiad Install
Posted by Zavardino, Ian on 08 August 2014 10:07 AM



Please Note:


A. Please make sure that the necessary ports are open on the client machines and network. Here is our documentation about the ports:


B. It's recommended to use an administrative account in order to install the Client correctly.


C. To fully view ILLiad screens, the PC monitor resolution MUST be set to 1024 x 768 or higher.



Installation Steps:


1. Z:\Packages\Library Software\IlliadClientSetup


2. Run the ILLiad8300ClientSetup.exe on the workstation, using full administrator rights. (You may even have to right-click on the file icon and select "run as administrator.") After the installation is complete, there will be four new icons on your desktop: the ILLiad Client, the Staff Manager, the Customization Manager, and the SQL Alias Manager.


3. Open the SQL Alias Manager. Click on the New button and then on "ILLiad." Enter, 1344 as your server and VFQData as your database name.


4. Click on the Save icon (the one with the floppy disk graphic) and save the file as c:\program files\illiad\logon.dbc (or in c:\program files (86x)\illiad\logon.dbc, depending on the set-up of your workstation).


5. Back in the SQL Alias Manager, click on the "Set Default" button. Then close the SQL Alias Manager.


To test that the client works, double-click on the ILLiad Client icon on your desktop. If the logon screen opens, then the Client is working. Use username "admin" and password "ill" to logon. The client should prompt you to update itself. Go ahead and update. The most current version of the ILLiad Client is You will get to this version by logging into the client and following the prompts to update.

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