Configuring VPN on Mac (Viscosity)
Posted by Nicoletti, John on 06 August 2014 03:42 PM

Configuring Viscosity (Mac VPN Client)


  1.      Launch Viscosity
  2.      Place all VPN configuration files on the desktop, in a folder for easy access
  3.      Click the Globe icon on the menu bar, click Preferences
  4.      Click the “+” and choose “Import from File”
  5.      Select the appropriate .opvn file. This will load the base OpenVPN configuration.
  6.      Select the connection, typically labeled as “client” by default, and hit “Edit
  7.      Go to the Authentication tab.
  8.      Click the “Browse” button to specify the following files:
    1.      CA = ca.crt
    2.      Cert = cert.cert (client.cert on windows)
    3.      Key = key.key (client.key on windows)
    4.      Tls-Auth = ta.key
  9.      Click Save
  10.      Go to the Advanced tab on the main Preferences window
  11.      UNCHECK “Apply DNS settings simultaneously”
  12.      Viscosity is now configured. Close the windows, go back to the globe and connect the VPN. Once connected, you should now have a tunneled link.
  13.      You can rename the connection by clicking the Globe > Preferences, click Edit and change the “Name” under the general tab. Typically we use “MSMC             VPN”
  14.      Delete the folder on the desktop with all of the VPN configuration files!!
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