Manage My Mount Account Info for the Support Desk
Posted by Touma, Johnna on 18 November 2013 02:57 PM

IT Support Desk information for  "Manage My Account" (as of 11/22/2013)

*** IT Support Desk Staff - Please add to this list to keep it up-to-date

General Information:
Security issue for Phone support - Because we really do not know for sure who we are speaking to, DO NOT give out an ID Number, recovery email, or email address over the phone.

DO NOT update any fields in Jenzabar.  The data does not belong to IT.  HR, Registrar, Admissions own most of the data and they must update their data.  Support Desk Staffcannot create or change recovery email in Jenzabar.


Password Information:
Password Change:  Also changes the password to the Mount Google Account - an issue if email is forwarded to a smartphone.

Password change: Creates/changes the Mount Google Password, which we never had before.  Can now easily forward email to a  smartphone.  Also, can now go to directly to and sign into account: Email:   Password: Mount Account Password


Recovery Email Information:
A recovery email (REML) is required for someone to do certain tasks in the new “Manage your Account”.

Most people do not have an REML (recovery email) in Jenzabar. That is okay because the process will search through address history and pull the latest non-MSMC email and default that as the REML. 

This is not true with faculty and staff. When an employee tries to do certain tasks in “Manage your Account” they will not always have one and must resolve that with HR. The fix is to create an address record called REML and place a personal email address in it.

  • The first thing the IT Support Center should do is check the REML address record and confirm there is not a valid email address.
  • The second step is to ask if they are a student, faculty or staff

Depending on that answer the person having trouble will be guided to:

o   HR – Faculty & Staff

o   Registrar – Current student (again the query showed no one with this issue)

o   Newly accepted student – Admissions

Once an RML is established the person can re-try the Manage your Account process.