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Fix Temp Users
Posted by Zavardino, Ian on 23 January 2013 01:56 PM

After clearing out users in room 7 a week ago. Some users were getting a temporary profile when the user was logged in. The fix is this:

Step 1:

Restart your PC to release the locks on any of the profiles.

Step 2:

Log on with another administrative account.

Step 3:

Delete the following folder: ( you could also follow the steps below by simple renaming the bad profile to .bak)
C:\Users\username where is username = the user who has a temporary profile

Step 4:

Delete the following folder:

Step 5:

Browse to :
Find the registry key that has the "ProfileImagePath" entry that matches the username of the account. Make note of the GUID entry a few lines above, you will need this later. Now delete the entire Registry key from the "ProfileList" Folder.

Step 6:
Now in the registry, browse one folder above to ProfileGuid
Delete the registry key (that matches the GUID you made note of in Step 5) from the folder.

Step 7:
Restart once again and then you are done.