Desmond: How to use the equipment in Media room
Posted by Touma, Johnna on 06 September 2011 01:43 PM


Desmond Media Room:

Directions for Using the Equipment 

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1. Turn on the TV monitor: "Power" button is labeled on the bottom right side of the TV monitor frame.

2. Wait for just the "Samsung" screen to display.

3. On the Samsung remote, click the "TV Source" button to display a menu of equipment options. (You may have to point remote close to and directly at bottom right corner of TV monitor)

4. When the menu appears, use the arrow buttons on the Samsung remote to scroll through to get to the equipment you will be using.  Just stay on the option (there is nothing to click) and the equipment will be automatically connected. 

 TV  - not connected

AV2  - for the VCR

PC  - for Desktop PC or your laptop

HDMI2  - not used

HDMI-CEC  - for the DVD

Note: If you stay on one of the options too long it will connect. If it is not the equipment you want, just start at step #3 again.

5. To use the VCR – Put in the tape to automatically start it. 

To use the DVD – Put in the DVD to automatically start it.

To use the MSMC Desktop PC – Turn it on, when the logon screen displays, use the username and password taped to the side of the PC. 

To use your laptop – The MSMC Desktop PC needs to be turned on. When the logon screen displays, use the free cable to plug in your laptop.   

To get your laptop screen to display on the TV monitor, use the black box on the top of the MSMC Desktop PC.

Click the "PC" button to get a green light under "PC 2". 

6. Adjust volume using the "Samsung" remote or the volume buttons labeled on the bottom right corner of the TV monitor.

7. Shut Down:

a. DVD  - Stop and eject the DVD

VCR  - Stop and eject the tape

Desktop PC  - use "Shut down" option

Personal Laptop - Unplug laptop and use "Shut down" option on the Desktop PC.

b. Turn off the TV monitor: "Power" button is labeled on the bottom right side of the monitor frame




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