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Posted by Touma, Johnna on 17 August 2011 04:34 PM

Frequently Asked Questions is official internal site of MSMC.  Practical and timely information for faculty, staff, and current students can be found on this site.  Sign onto the site regularly for alerts, announcements, events, campus calendar, campus directory and to access your Mount Gmail Account.

Got questions about the new MyMSMC portal?  We've collected a list of answers here.

 Why can't I log in?

  • You need to be an active member of the MSMC community to log in. 
  • Use the same network ID and password you use to log into a computer on campus.
  • New students, faulty or staff, need to activate their Mount Account on the portal's sign-in page. (


What is Outlook email?

Exchange/Outlook is the email client for Full-time faculty and staff.  Exchange is the online version of Outlook.  You can use this tab to access your email from a computer outside of your office. When you are in your office, continue to use the "Outlook" icon on your desktop to access your email and calendar.


Why do I see an Outlook  Mail tab and a Gmail apps Tab?

Staff and Full-time Faculty see the "Outlook mail" tab. This is their official college email account (
Students and Adjunct Faculty see the "Gmail" tab, their official college email account ( 

If you belong to two groups, for example, you are a staff member and also a student, you will have access to both tabs.

Full-time faculty will also see a "Gmail" tab. This will allow you to collaborate with your students in the various G Suite tools. You may want to forward your messages to your Outlook account, so you do not miss any emails fromyour students.

(Your Full-time Faculty Outlook account is your official college communication email address.) 

What are the Recommended Browsers:

We strongly recommend you upgrade your browser to the latest version. 

Where is the "Moodle" link?

Moodle is also called "eClass".  Look for the eClass link.


Why do I have Announcements and Alerts?

Announcements are for general college information relating to all students, faculty and staff.  Alerts are inportant, timely items that you must take action on.


How do I create internal pages for my office?



How do I add a new form or link to the portal?



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