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Wireless Network: Appropriate Use of the MSMC Wireless Academic Network
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Wireless Network
Appropriate Use of the MSMC Wireless Academic Network

The following article denotes the “Appropriate Use of the MSMC Wireless Academic Network” policy displayed when registering a wireless device on the MSMC wireless network.


Appropriate Use of the MSMC Wireless Academic Network

  • Only Registered Mount Saint Mary College students, with valid MSMC network user accounts may use the Wireless Academic Network.
  • The Wireless Academic Network must not be used in any way which violates local, state, federal, or international law. When using the Wireless Academic Network, users must follow general College policies and to adhere to the Student Judicial Code as outlined in the MSMC Student Handbook. In addition, when accessing resources on systems outside the College via the Internet, users are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the resource provider.
  • The Wireless Academic Network is part of the College's Academic Network. All policies rules and regulations that apply to the Academic Network also apply to the Wireless Academic Network.
  • Every user is assigned an individual account. Users must not use or attempt to access any other individual's account. Users may not share accounts or permit others to access their accounts.
  • Users must not access or attempt to gain access to resources, files or data that do not belong to them or that they are not authorized to access, even if such materials are not secured.
  • Users must not use the Wireless Academic Network for commercial use, unless such use is part of a College sanctioned assignment or project. The Wireless Academic Network may not, under any circumstances, be used to facilitate any for-profit ventures.
  • Users must not impede, interfere with, or otherwise cause harm to systems, software or the activities of others on any College network or the Internet.
  • Thee following activities are speciically prohibited: Chain email, mail bombing, and email header forgery.
  • The Wireless Academic Network is provided primarily to facilitate academic pursuits including, but not limited to, research, communication, and development. Use of the Wireless Academic Network for social or recreational pursuits is permitted, to the extent that such use does not interfere with the availability or effectiveness of the Wireless Academic Network's primary academic functions.
  • Users may not modify the hardware (network adapter or antenna) in any way. This would violate FCC regulations.
  • If WEP/WPA encryption keys were provided for your use during installation, these keys must be kept conidential and not provided to anyone else under any circumstances.
  • The Wireless Academic Network is designed to give students fast and efiicient access to online College resources and to the many resources available on the Internet. It is not designed to be used as a provider of services to the internet and the outside world.
  • Users may not install or enable Web servers, FTP servers, or file sharing protocols that give others access to their computers, when connected to the Wireless Academic Network.
  • The installation of any servers or services, which result an increase of inbound traffic which degrades Wireless Academic Network performance, is prohibited.
  • Users must not attempt to access the Wireless Academic Network Hom off-campus locations.
  • All computers connecting to the WAN are required to have all current operating system and application software security patches applied, as well as a virus scanner with currentvirus definitions. The college scans all computers upon Wireless Academic Network registration and periodically during the year and may without warning disconnect any computers found not to be in compliance with these crucia1 security requirements.

Violators of the Appropriate Use Policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include suspension of their wireless accounts. Disciplinary action will be conducted in accordance with College policy and the Student Judicial Code.

If you need clariication about this policy, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 3491 or (845)569-3491

(Revised 8/2005)

Important Notice

File sharing is strictly prohibited on the Wireless Academic Network.

The Recording Industry Association of America recently notified the College that it plans to file copyright infringement lawsuits, against several Mount students, in federal court. Do not let this happen to you. Remove or disable all file sharing software before registering your WirelessAcademic Network card.


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